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Witness testifies about being sexually assaulted by others as well as parents


WARNING: Contains disturbing content.

A London, Ont. jury heard evidence that the children of a London family were sexually assaulted by other people besides their parents on different occasions.

The witness, who cannot be identified, has been testifying for several days in a remote area of the London courthouse away from their parents who are in a courtroom.

Under cross-examination from the defense, the jury was told how, as a teenager, the witness not only had sex with the parents but were also offered up to other people, “It’s not normal to beat your children and be sexually assaulted and then give them to others to be sexually assaulted.”

They said as a child, “I was told for years that I was worthless and stupid and I would not survive in the world without them…for me that was normal.”

The witness said the children were continually threatened by their parents in different ways, “After being told for years and years that if you ever told anyone on the outside world, they would not understand because this is our religion and this is our family…you would never see your siblings again if you told someone.”

The children, who are now adults, eventually contacted the London Police Service.

The parents, who are now both in their fifties, face a total of 47 charges, including sexual assault with a weapon, incest, forcible confinement, and failing to provide the necessaries of life.

The parents have both pleaded not guilty. The incidents are alleged to have happened between 2003 and 2020.

Later in a heated exchange, the defence questioned whether the Crown witness was telling the truth and they responded, “I had a lot of injuries throughout my childhood.”

Then, when asked by the defence if any of the scars could be photographed, the witness said, “No, it’s my body not yours…all my injuries were real I didn’t fake any injuries.”

The court has heard that the children involved are trying to heal and have received mental health counselling.

The trial resumes on Friday. Top Stories

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