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Witness insists they are telling the truth at sexual abuse trial


WARNING: Contains disturbing content

A witness at the sexual assault trial involving parents is adamant the children involved in the trial are all telling the truth about what they had to endure during their upbringing.

Under cross-examination from the defence, the witness, who cannot be identified, maintained that the children in the home were not lying, “We did not concoct a story to tell CAS (Children’s Aid Society)…everything I said was the truth.”

They added, “It’s a tough subject to talk about, as a sex crime survivor I would rather talk about the times I was beat rather than the times I was raped.”

The witness told the jury that the abuse took place throughout their upbringing, ”I was a 17 year old, I was scared, I was afraid to tell the CAS workers what my abusers were doing to me.”

The mother and father, who are both in their fifties, face a total of 47 charges, including sexual assault with a weapon, incest, forcible confinement, and failing to provide the necessaries of life.

The incidents are alleged to have taken place between 2003 and 2020.

The parents have both pleaded not guilty.

The witness, who is now an adult, said after years of abuse, the children finally decided to come forward to report what was going on, “I was talking to the kids’ helpline…we all knew that the children were getting hurt and that it had to stop.”

The trial resumes next week. Top Stories

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