The Western University community has broken the record for most sexually transmitted infections (STI) screenings ever in one day.

A total of 813 people were tested Wednesday by the Middlesex-London Health Unit (MLHU), breaking a world record of 767 set in England on Valentine's Day in 2013.

The testing took 12 hours and wrapped up just after 9 p.m. Western and the health unit fell just short of breaking the record in 2014

The MLHU says that while the feat won't be recognized officially by Guinness World Records, "the achievement sets a new benchmark and helps raise awareness about STI screening and testing."

Part of the goal is also to remove the embarrassment some concerns about judgement some feel when considering getting tested.

Chris Blain, health promoter with the MLHU’s Sexual Health Team, said in a statement, “Getting tested for an STI is as simple as peeing in a cup, so even though people may have an initial mental hurdle to clear, they realize pretty quickly there’s nothing to it.”

Most STIs are easily treated once diagnosed, but can otherwise lead to serious and sometimes permanent damage.

Free and anonymous drop-in testing is available at the MLHU. More information and a list of clinic services is available at: