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Western associate professor receives global recognition


A Western University associate professor is being recognized globally for her innovative work within the environmental sciences.

Martha Dagnew is among three Canadian women being recognized as part of 3M’s 25 Women in Science program, which aims to highlight and celebrate women who have made major contributions in the world of stem.

“We selected Martha for her passion, for the work that she’s doing, for her project that’s protecting our water source. In addition to Martha being a leader and a scientist, she is making her mark as a mentor and a roll model for women who are currently in stem and young girls who are interested in entering in stem,” said Judy Wong, 3M Global Product Engineering manager.

Dagnew is being recognized for her work to develop frameworks, technologies, and processes for source water protection — that is, protection of drinking water — under climate change.

“My work is going to inspire future generations which is great, and as you know it’s important for the future generation but also for innovation right, innovation strives when there is diversity in it,” said Dagnew, who is excited to be among the women being recognized.

Her research proposes to address water pollution and scarcity in a changing climate and develop smaller footprint technologies for existing systems. Top Stories

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