After a significant drop, the Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation says lake levels have begun to rebound.

The non-governmental organization says water levels reached a record low in January 2013.

Geoff Peach, coastal resources manager with the group, added in a statement “Since then, levels have rebounded by about half a metre…April alone had an increase of about 24 centimetres, which was the second highest one month increase on record.”

The rebound is mainly due to a wet spring and early summer with rain that brought so much water there was flooding in Muskoka, northern Michigan and parts of northern Ontario.

Current levels are slightly higher than at this time last year and Peach said “I'm hearing a big sigh of relief from commercial shipping and recreational boaters.”

The changing water levels seems to fit with over 90 years’ worth of records, which have shown lake levels fluctuating significantly and unpredictably.