With all of the slippery roads Tuesday, it also means slippery sidewalks, parking lots and laneways, which can lead to slip and fall injuries.

Chiropractor Michelle Campbell, from Campbell Care Centre, says what may seem like a little fall can have large consequences.

“If you go and fall on your hip and lower back, lots of people may have a sprain....It can cause lots of discomfort and it can cause some muscles...and some nerve issues. Many different things can come from it."

Campbell says if you fall, it’s important to monitor how you’re feeling, and possibly seek medical attention.

“You’re going to want to look to see if there is any bruising. Or if the discomfort lasts a long time, it’s always a good idea to put some cold compress on the area to reduce some inflammation.”

Both London Health Sciences Centre and St. Joseph’s Hospital say on days like Tuesday, patients tend to trickle into both the emergency department and urgent care with trip and fall injuries.

“We see a lot of wrist tractors for sure - people taking that slip and bracing themselves when they fall,” says LHSC injury prevention specialist Jennifer Lindsay.

She urges people to take precautions to prevent a fall.

It’s really about being prepared, she says, including having proper footwear, proper boots and really taking your time.

Walking properly in slippery conditions is necessary, Lindsay says.

“When we say winter walking we are talking about walking like a penguin. So walking slowly and taking small steps, really flat footed and having your hands out at all times for balance but also in preparation if you do have a little slip”.

Lindsay says it’s also important for homeowners to keep laneways and sidewalks salted and clear of ice to make it safer to walk.