LONDON, ONT. -- The province announced on June 24 that Step 2 of its COVID-19 reopening plan will begin two days ahead of schedule, moving from July 2 to June 30 instead.

That has left many local personal care service businesses like hair salons and spas scrambling to get ready for the big day.

“I just found out this morning that we were going to be opening on the 30th so lots of emotions, very overwhelming and very excited. It’s been a long time coming and I just can’t wait,” said Amie Sans, co-owner of Hair Haus & Co.

Sans, and many other salons across Ontario, have spent most of the day answering phone calls, text messages and social media inboxes.

“Every time I look at the phone there’s probably about 60 text messages,” Sans said, adding by late afternoon she had already received about 100 phone calls.

Because she has to rebook all the appointments that were originally made for April, May and June, while the province was in lockdown, she is starting to book new appointments through to September and October.

She plans on opening her salon doors on June 30; however, not all personal care services are doing the same.

Hailey Bui, owner and manager of The Nail Boutique, did not expect to reopen her doors until after Canada Day.

“Right now our schedule is still set for July the second. I think it just makes a bit more sense for us. We’re still doing a bit of renovations, changing some stuff in the store. And also, we are closed for July first which is a holiday,” said Bui.

Both salon owners say many clients are looking to book pedicures right now. Sans adds that hair colouring and eyebrow microblading are also in-demand services at her salon.

Both salon owners have said that they are booked up in their first week of reopening but to be patient and continue to reach out to your favourite salon to get the next available appointment.