Hybrid Turkeys has been fined $5,600 after pleading guilty to one count of animal cruelty, according to the Ontario SPCA.

The Kitchener-area turkey breeder pleaded guilty on Thursday to failing to exercise reasonable care and supervision of the euthanasia of animals.

A complaint regarding the treatment of animals was filed against the company in March 2014 and included video that purported to show failed attempts to euthanize some of the animals.

The undercover video, shot at an Oxford County plant by Mercy for Animals Canada, allegedly showed workers clubbing and kicking turkeys.

OSPCA Chief Insp. Connie Mallory said in a statement, “The law outlines the standards of care for all animals across the province...These standards include acceptable forms of euthanasia and apply to everyone, including companies and organizations.”

In a statement released Monday, Dave Libertini, managing director for Hybrid said, “Our company has zero tolerance for animal abuse. We took immediate steps to address this situation. We have a solid record of investment of time and resources into all aspects of animal welfare - including research and advocacy as well as policy, procedures and training. This will continue into the future.”

The OSPCA says Hybrid Turkeys was sentenced to a $5,600 fine payable to the Ontario Court.

Charges against five employees of the company have been dropped.

With files from CTV Kitchener