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London’s 'coolest' store is back at its original location

London, Ont.’s 'coolest' store is back in a new form. Novack’s, a retail staple of the downtown for over 70 years, has been resurrected — albeit as an occasional pop-up store — in its original King Street location, and Londoners couldn't get enough of the nostalgia.

Novack's pop-up store is seen in London, Ont. on Dec. 4, 2022. (Sean Irvine/CTV News London)

Two rescued by firefighters after car overturns in London

Two people had to be rescued by firefighters after a car ended up on its side in central London, Ont. in the early hours of Sunday morning. Fire crews and paramedics responded to the scene on Riverside Drive, west of Upper Avenue, in front of Mount Pleasant Cemetery.

Firefighters rescued two people from their vehicle after a crash on Riverside Drive in London, Ont. in the early morning hours of Dec. 4, 2022. (Source: London Fire Department/Twitter)

Dung Ah Town Winter Festival resumes after wind delay

The first annual Dung Ah Town Winter Festival took place in downtown London, Ont. Sunday after high winds delayed the event a day earlier. Vendors, storytellers and performers from Black and Indigenous communities, along with people of colour came together to share their cultures.

Wind storm knocks out power lines, traffic lights and branches in London, Ont.

A strong wind storm caused by a fast-moving cold front resulted in power disruptions in London Saturday morning. The gusts took down power lines in multiple locations, including an alarming incident in a city park off Darlene Crescent, where a dangling power line made contact several times causing fiery explosions, cracking and arching of other lines. Top Stories

'I am not a criminal': Habs goalie Carey Price speaks against controversial firearms bill

Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price has taken a stance against Ottawa's controversial Bill C-21, which would refine the definition of prohibited assault-style firearms -- drawing the ire of Canadian hunters who say the definition would outlaw weapons used within their practice. Meanwhile, the Liberals have repeatedly stated their intention is not to go after hunters but to restrict certain firearms designed for the "battlefield."

Why is it taking so long for Ukraine to join NATO? Experts weigh in

After Russia annexed four regions of Ukraine in September amid its ongoing invasion of the eastern European country, Ukraine announced it had signed an accelerated application to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Will Ukraine become a NATO member anytime soon? turned to experts on Russia's war in Ukraine to better understand.

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Red Cross steps in to help children's hospital in Ottawa

A Calgary children’s hospice centre temporarily suspends staff for their relocation to Alberta Children’s Hospital. Melanie Nagy reports.

A Calgary children’s hospice centre temporarily suspends staff for their relocation to Alberta Children’s Hospital. Melanie Nagy reports.