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New approach pitched to stop graphic anti-abortion flyers

Unsatisfied with a broad-based and toothless by-law suggested by civic administration, the Community and Protective Services Committee (CAPS) recommends a different tactic to stop graphic anti-abortion flyers from turning up in unsuspecting mailboxes.

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Another minority government. Now what?

When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the 2021 federal election, he said it was because he thought Canadians should have their say about where the country is going. Well, voters have spoken, and it's another minority Liberal government. With an almost identical House of Commons heading to Ottawa in terms of seat distribution, leaders are now facing post-election questions about their futures.

Biden congratulates Trudeau on election win

U.S. President Joe Biden called Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to congratulate his election win and the two leaders plan to meet in person soon, the White House and Prime Minister’s Office said in statements on Tuesday.