Workers both in favour of and opposed to Unifor's plan to unionize the car-maker marched outside the Toyota plants in Woodstock and Cambridge on Friday.

Jenn Gossier has worked at the Toyota plant in Woodstock for 12 years and says "I feel that we are represented properly by our company. We've made it 25 years without a union, I believe that we've got enough job security without paying union dues."

Unifor representatives were also present to support workers marching in favour of unionization plans.

The information marches come a day after Unifor announced it was holding off on an application to the Labour Board to become the union representing workers at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada.

Unifor officials said they remain committed to working with the Toyota team, but after finding there may be more employees than originally thought, they decided to get more union cards signed to forestall any legal issues over the employee list.