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'There was nothing human about what they did': London, Ont. family angered after sentencing hearing in stabbing death


A London family is speaking out after a sentencing hearing for the three people who pleaded guilty in connection with the stabbing death of their loved one got underway in court.

Speaking to CTV News London, the brother of Mohammed Abdallah tried to contain his anger.

“It’s been over two years and I’m just as mad and frustrated as the day that it happened,” said Sami Abdallah, the brother of the stabbing victim.

Thinking of his sibling he added, “My brother had the best heart, he was the kindest person.”

The 29-year-old Abdallah was visiting a friend in the townhouses at Millbank Drive and Southdale Road on Aug. 29, 2021 when three people ganged up on him.

“Mr. Abdallah was stabbed, beaten and struck with a metal object that night…he was covering his head with his hands,” Crown Attorney Roger Dietrich told the court. “He was left in his own pool of blood.”

The court heard that Abdallah tried to get away from his attackers. After he was stabbed eight times, he crawled across Southdale Road until emergency crews arrived.

He died in hospital three days later.

“I’m Muslim and I washed his body, so I saw every single stab mark on his body. There was nothing human about what they did to him,” said Sami.

Three people, two women and one man, were originally charged with second-degree murder in connection with the case.

In November, Mary Caruana, 27, and Mercedes Summers, 21, pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter, while Colton Thomas, 22, pleaded guilty to aggravated assault.

In court on Friday, a sobbing and remorseful Caruana was sentenced 18 years in prison minus four years for time already served.

In the meantime, Summers and Thomas will be back in court on May 24 to learn their fate.

Thomas was released on bail while Summers remains in custody.

Before wrapping up Dietrich told the court, “Any hopes and dreams Mr. Abdallah’s family had, they just don’t have anymore because of what these two women did.”

“It’s been hell, it’s ruined my whole family, it broke my whole family broke all our hearts,” Sami said outside the courthouse. Top Stories

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