It was the last day of school for most elementary school students in the region and a time for students and teachers to look forward to summer.

“It’s been a difficult year dealing with COVID, but we made it through and I am so proud of how my students did, they have progressed so much,” says Paula Hord, kindergarten teacher at J.P. Roberts Public School in London.

While those in the younger grades have many years ahead in elementary school, for some of those in grade 8 the last day can be bittersweet.

“I’m going to miss my teachers and my friends in grade 7 who are staying back,” says Braylon Jackson who is heading off to Clarke Road Secondary School in the fall. “I know I’ll have a couple of my classmates there as well but I’m still a little anxious.”

Jeff Holborough, the principal at J.P. Robert’s has been teaching for 33 years and he says the fall always comes around quickly as they prepare to do it all over again.

“You know some teachers and students are moving on and we will miss them, so it’s always bittersweet but in our job we always look forward to what’s coming up in September,” he says.