LONDON, ONT -- Many people are now doing some of the things most of us took for granted until the arrival of COVID-19.

With most natural areas, including Westminster Ponds, in London open for day use it’s clear a little solace outdoors is helping to ease the minds and bodies of Londoners.

Phil Leblanc among them, he and his friend Andre Dillion took separate canoes out to give their children a chance to enjoy nature while physically distancing.

Leblanc says it was a welcome break.

“It’s just during this time it’s nice to get out and everybody get away from everything, and just get out in the wilderness. The weather is perfect.”

It was a similar scene across the Pond Mills pond as families spent time outside of the house, casting a line and enjoying the trails, after weeks of being cooped up.

With fewer restrictions, Londoners are finding more things to safely do in nature, as teams sports remain a no-go.

Pond MIlls

Just a short while ago, Leblanc and Dillion wondered if they’d get the chance to canoe this year amid the pandemic.

But their hearts were elevated by their first chance to get out in the water.

The children are for the most part happy to be out, while their father’s say it’s amazing to finally have the chance to do something safe and distancing together.

“I guess I never thought of it as a privilege, but I guess it is now,” Dillon said

Still even in nature, kids will be kids, when asked a question by a CTV reporter.

“Do you miss video games being out here?”

“Yeah, I do,” he said but clarified “not on nice nights like this one, so much.”