DORCHESTER, ONT. -- A breast cancer survivor, and her small team of supporters, have succeeded in raising thousands for breast cancer research.

Bec Matthews, whom CTV News featured October, started the ‘Paint the Town Pink’ lawn sign campaign in a matter of 10 days.

The effort was sparked by a vision Matthews had while recovering from her latest surgery.

She is currently battling stage III breast cancer.

Launched in late September, Matthews had hope to sell 500 ‘Paint the Town Pink’ signs at $15 dollars each, with $8 going to breast cancer research.

But, in the end , she more than doubled her goal, with 1150 signs sold and $13,380 raised.

The signs, and a few t-shirts, were largely placed all around Dorchester, eastern Middlesex County and western Oxford County.

But, hundreds ended up in London, and some in Windsor and even Ottawa.

“It’s a big achievement. Can’t wait for next year. I can’t wait to see where this goes!”, Matthews tells CTV News.

The regional attraction sparked the attention of Hailey Parliament, a fundraiser with the Canadian Cancer Society. She contacted Matthews and her friend Amie Vandevenne.

The three women worked together to further boost the campaign in 2020, and to discuss the potential of taking it across the province in 2021.

“We can’t wait to watch this blow-up and grow with Bec, and to help her along the way”, Parliament told CTV News.

Matthews says she’s already begun the work to take ‘Paint the Town Pink’ to the next level.

And while she’s excited to raise even more money for breast cancer research, she feels awareness, and the support of cancer fighters, are key.

“A lot of breast cancer survivors, patients, people who have been affected by breast cancer, reached out and explained to me, just how important this was to them. And made me feel as if it was as important to them, as it was to me”.

And one other note - of utmost importance - Matthews reiterates is to “check your breasts” often for any abnormal lumps or growths.