LONDON, ONT. -- After a five-year campaign, led in part by a London, Ont. family, Canadians who share names with those on the nation’s "no-fly list" can now rest easier.

Wednesday, the federal government announced the arrival of new procedure designed to eliminate false flags at airports.

The new "Canadian Travel Number" should prevent London’s Sebastian Khan, six, from being slowed as he passes through security.

He shares a name with another person on the "no fly list."

Sebastian’s parents, along with other Canadians on the list, organized an effort to eliminate the hurtful and discriminating mix-up.

His father, Zamir Khan believes the new system will do just that.

Under the travel number program, those who share names with those on the "no-fly list" will be issued a specific number by the government.

Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Bill Blair, is hopeful the change will end distress, especially once regular travel resumes following the pandemic.

As for Sebastian, his father is happy he will grow up without facing unjust questions.

“I’m glad that he will not grow to have this affect him when he is older, because we know, by speaking to many young Canadian men, who encounter this that it only gets worse, and the stigma gets worse, so I’m glad it’s going to stop here for him and many others.”