LONDON, ONT. -- It may be winter, we may be in a lockdown, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t options for getting outside, like a good old fashioned game of road hockey.

A couple of London police officers are being thanked by a local family after they joined in a brief game with their kids and then surprised them the next day with some new gear.

On Saturday Londoner Tiffany Leroux posted photos of the officers joining in a game, maintaining a safe distance and wearing masks, with her children.

The photos posted to Facebook show two officers playing with the three kids.

The next day police were back at Leroux’s house, this time with a surprise for her boys.

“About to head to work, I walked out the door and two cops were at the door with new hockey sticks and road hockey balls for the boys. My heart is so full,” wrote Leroux.

“People don’t think much about what the kids going through during the pandemic and little things like this is so amazing to brighten their spirits! Thank you London Police Service.”