LONDON, ONT. -- It is a documentary that examines the history of Montreal and Canada through giant projections on buildings in the old section of the city, and it will make its Canadian premiere in London, Ont.

That's because Londoner and former CTV News London entertainment reporter Janice Zolf is the writer and director of 'Into the Light with Cité Mémoire.'

“This is history that is really alive,” said Zolf. “When you walk down the street at night in Old Montreal you see these incredible characters, some of them are twenty stories high and you feel like some of them are staring right at you.

She says in the case of Jackie Robinson, when he hits the ball it looks like it's flying off the wall right at you.

The documentary made its world premiere in Naples, Italy last week with the Canadian premiere set for Friday at the Forest City Film Festival.

“In this we go behind the scenes on Leonard Cohen's beautiful projection of Suzanne on an enormous clock tower and it's actually an underwater dancer who swims in a swimming pool,” said Zolf.

Zolf spent about three decades on air at CTV News London before expanding into the world of documentary filmmaking.

This is the fourth production Zolf has written and directed, adding, “I spent my career going behind the scenes with art and artists and telling their stories and that's what appealed to me about telling this story of Cité Mémoire.”