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Mother testifies in own defence at disturbing child abuse trial


WARNING: Some of the content in this article may be disturbing.

The mother involved in a shocking child abuse case in London, Ont. took the stand on Wednesday, denying that she ever harmed her children.

The mother, who is in her fifties, was emotional from time to time as she testified about her family life.

She said it was difficult to see her kids testify against her, “Hearing my children, they’re still my children no matter whatever mistakes they have done.”

When she was questioned by her lawyer Phil Millar about accusations of abuse and if she ever intentionally burned her kids on the stove, she said, “Never, ever, ever to any of my children would I have done that.”

She was asked by Millar, “Did you ever smash your children’s fingers and break them?”

“No never, not anywhere,” she answered.

Earlier in the day, the number of charges against the couple was reduced by the Crown.

The parents were originally charged with 47 counts and they now face 41 charges including, sexual assault with a weapon, incest, and forcible confinement.

The incidents are alleged to have happened between 2003 and 2020.

The mother and father, who cannot be identified, have both pleaded not guilty.

Later, when asked if she was ever involved in sexual activity with her children, she responded, “I wouldn’t fathom doing that to anyone…it did not happen, it would not happen.”

Before wrapping up for the day she said, “I love each and every one of my children.”

The mother’s testimony resumes on Thursday. Top Stories

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