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It could get worse — Trosow seeks transportation planning report for west London


Already a nightmare for rush hour commuters, the area around Wonderland Road and Oxford Street may get even busier in the coming years.

On Wednesday, Coun. Sam Trosow will ask the Civic Works Committee (CWC) for a staff report about transportation planning in west London, consider “filtered permeability” traffic management techniques to reduce cut-thru drivers, and that the transportation report be included in the upcoming 25-year Mobility Master Plan.

“I know they are very serious about working on this [Mobility Master Plan], but I don’t think we can necessarily wait for it,” Trosow told CTV News.

In the absence of higher-order transit service in the area, Trosow is worried about the cumulative impact of several large residential developments proposed near the intersection.

“There’s a number of development applications that are happening at about the same time along the Oxford corridor,” he explained.

They include a proposed road connection between the Cherryhill neighbourhood and the Wonderland corridor that might significantly impact traffic flow.

Each planning application is considered on its own merits, but Trosow is worried about the cumulative impact of adding thousands of new residential units before mobility improvements can be made.

“I don’t think that we can allow the development to get too far ahead of our infrastructure,” Trosow said. “Otherwise there is going to be an imbalance.”

Trosow’s request has garnered letters of support.

“While I am pleased to see new housing developments in this area, Council needs to ensure that sustainable transportation options are feasible,” wrote Londoner Chris DeGroot. “Otherwise, I fear that people will continue to drive personal motor vehicles, further increasing traffic in this area.”

The London Plan envisions high density development in the area given its categorization as a Transit Village, but the west leg of London’s bus rapid transit system was not funded by the previous city council.

DeGroot added, “While other areas of the city are moving forward with rapid transit projects, the west end of the city is being left behind with poor transit.”

A 25-storey residential high rise was recently approved at 735 Wonderland Rd. by city council.

A rezoning application to permit a pair of 33-storey high rise towers at the intersection will be considered by the Planning and Environment Committee this week.

A massive development proposed to the east of Proudfoot Lane will also bring thousands of additional residential units in the coming years. Top Stories

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