The man charged in connection with a clash during a Pride festival in old south London was found guilty on one of two counts.

Richard Sillers, 37, was arrested in July of 2022 after he drove up to the Pride event during Drag Queen story time.

He was arrested at the scene and charged with two offences.

On Friday, the court found Sillers guilty of possession of a weapon dangerous to the public peace.

The item was described as a Canadian flag on a stick which was pulled out during the confrontation. He was acquitted on the second charge of causing a disturbance.

After the court proceedings, Sillers spoke to the media, “I’m disappointed, sad where Canada is at this point but that’s all I’ve got to say right now.”

His lawyer Luke Reidy was also not pleased with the decision, “What we have here is an unequal application of the law and discretion used by the police officers to favour one side.”

The matter has now been put over until April 25. That’s when a sentencing hearing is expected to take place.

However, according to Reidy, this case may still be far from over, “We’ll be requesting whatever sentence is imposed is basically held off while we’re pending an appeal.”