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'It could even be dangerous': Notorious Hamilton Road and Gore Road intersection could soon get 'roundabout' treatment


Commuters traveling through an east London, Ont. neighbourhood could soon find themselves going in circles.

City council’s Civic Works Committee has endorsed a plan identifying a three-leg roundabout with an accessible side street to residential properties as the preferred option for reconfiguring the intersection of Hamilton Road and Gore Road.

In its current Y-configuration, it’s known by both drivers and area residents as one of the most awkward intersections in the city, causing drivers coming off Gore Road to crank their head around to their left to see oncoming traffic from the east.

“I would say it could even be dangerous,” said resident Vera Gurax.

According to a city staff report, Gore Road carries about 14,000 vehicles per day. Hamilton Road carries 15,000 westbound, and 6,000 eastbound.

Neighbours say it’s getting busier, and busier.

Hamilton Road and Gore Road intersection preferred option. (Source: City of London)

“Busy, very busy,” said Crystal Da Costa. “It’s just constant traffic. There’s horns honking. There’s almost accidents all the time. It’s crazy.”

“I’d prefer to see a roundabout go in as opposed to the T-intersection ‘cause I think that would just back up traffic and cause more delays and problems,” added Richard Thomas.

The project has been in the works for some time. The need to reconfigure the rather unusual intersection was first identified in a technical study in 2011.

It was further confirmed in the city’s Transportation Master Plan in 2019. During that time, the city has had several roundabouts installed at intersections throughout London.

Ward 1 Coun. Hadleigh McAlister, who represents the area, said drivers have gradually been embracing roundabouts.

“I think it does take an adjustment period, but it keeps the traffic moving. And in terms of getting people to slow down at those dangerous intersections, it’s very helpful,” he said.

But not everyone loves the roundabout. Neighbour Gerald Robinson believes there are more cost efficient options

“I’m just not convinced that a roundabout is the best way to go,” he said. “You know that’s pretty expensive way of doing it.”

The project is estimated to cost $8.7 million. Pending council approval, construction could get underway in 2026. Top Stories


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