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Humane Society needs $300,000 by the end of December

Sheltering London's vulnerable animals Sheltering London's vulnerable animals

A major project by the Human Society London & Middlesex has run into some financial trouble.

The organization has surpassed 86 per cent of the funding required to build its new Old Oak Animal Campus, currently being constructed at 1414 Dundas St.

According to a release, if an additional $367,000 isn't secured by the end of the year, the on-site veterinary clinic is at risk of not being operational when the new location opens, on track for next November.

The humane society said, "An onsite veterinary clinic is industry-standard for humane societies, and London is one of the last cities of its size in Canada to not have access to such care."

The same project was also the recipient of a $3-million grant from the City of London. Top Stories


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