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Guilty plea and life sentence in Meaford murder case

Photo of Emerson Sprung provided by the OPP. Photo of Emerson Sprung provided by the OPP.

Matthew McQuarrie will spend at least the next 15 years behind bars after pleading guilty to second degree murder in the fatal stabbing of Emerson Sprung.

Sprung, 25, was found in a shallow grave in a Meaford, Ont. park in May 2020.

Court heard that Sprung was invited to the park by McQuarrie in the days before his body was found with multiple stab wounds.

McQuarrie was initially charged with first degree murder, but agreed to pleaded guilty to second degree murder just days into his trial, which was taking place at the Owen Sound Regional Courthouse this month.

During his sentencing hearing on Monday, McQuarrie was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 15 years.

Court heard that McQuarrie felt that Sprung, who he’d met while the two were previously in police custody together, had inappropriately touched McQuarrie’s four-year-old son.

He reported the incident to police but there was no proof anything inappropriate happened.

Evidence found on McQuarrie’s cell phone included pictures of him holding the murder weapon, and texts saying “I’m going to record him apologizing, as I cut his throat,” referring to Sprung.

Sprung’s mother, Tracy Sprung, said she is pleased with the guilty verdict and sentence, but nothing will ever bring back her son, who was “the light of her life.” Top Stories


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