The deal that would see city hall help fund Fanshawe College's purchase of the former Kingsmill's building has new life, at least temporarily.

Council's final decision now appears to rest with a single councillor, who represents a reluctant swing vote, to break the deadlock at next week's council meeting.

At a committee meeting Tuesday, 11 of council’s 15 members were on hand, but it appears the Fanshawe-Kingsmill’s deal is resting with Ward 11's Denise Brown.

“We are very much concerned about losing this opportunity forever,” says Mainstreet London’s Joel Adams.

The plan calls for turning the Kingsmill’s building into classroom space for 1,600 students, but an additional $10 million is needed from city hall on top of the $20 million already promised.

Downtown businesses have offered $1 million to revive the deal.

Council had a split vote of 7-7 last month so the request was defeated.

“It's delay, delay, delay and it's not moving the city forward. We're stuck in a quagmire,” says Mayor Joni Baechler.

A councillor against the deal, Joe Swan, says trying to make it work is like fitting a square peg in a round hole. He feels there are other opportunities for Fanshawe downtown.

Ultimately the five-member committee recommended providing the $9 million by a vote of 3-2.

As the final will go to council, that puts Denise Brown in the spotlight.

She has asked to meet with the college president before the vote on Tuesday.

“I'm going to vote for what’s best for the city and don't want to think of myself as the swing vote,” Brown says.

“We are pleased to see Denise doing her homework and are here to help answer any of her questions,” Adams says.