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Dozens of suspects, including two from London, charged in sexual abuse investigations in Ontario

(Source: Meyer & Meyer/iStock/Getty Images Plus) (Source: Meyer & Meyer/iStock/Getty Images Plus)

Ontario Provincial Police say they have laid hundreds of charges against 64 people, including two from London, in a series of investigations into child sexual abuse.

Police say the investigations were carried out over 10 days in February and led to the arrest of dozens of suspects accused of making, possessing and distributing child sexual abuse material.

Investigators say the 64 people have been charged with a total of 348 offences, and more than 600 devices have been seized.

A 52 year old and a 40 year old, both from London, a 33 year old from Chatham and three people from Windsor ages 16, 23 and 29, have all been charged.

“In this instance we had two males who were located and arrested, both with jobs. There’s no outward signs of it. It’s not until our investigators do the hard work figuring out where the breadcrumbs on the internet lead us to,” said Det. Sgt Jason Eddy of London Police Service. “Then the warrants and the seizure of devices help us support the charges we’re going to lay.”

The suspects range in age from ages 16 to 67.

Police allege one of the people charged was in possession of 21 terabytes of data containing child sexual abuse material.

“But what really validates all this hard work is finding a child, rescuing a child, and holding an offender to account. That’s what the big payoff is every time. You saw from the provincial strategy media conference that this is what drives us to keep going despite any obstacles and despite how hard it might be,” added Eddy.

They say 34 victims have been identified and 30 children safeguarded.

— With files from CTV News London's Bryan Bicknell and The Canadian Press Top Stories

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