There are no fines for returning a book late. There’s only a bench to sit on if you want to stay and read. And the catalogue consists of about 100 books.

It may not be like other libraries, but residents of Sweaburg now have a library of sorts they can call their own.

It’s in a variety store - Ritu's Convenience and Foodmart - in the community of 500, but folks there don’t mind.

“I don't understand why nobody thought of it before,” says resident Lenore Vandertuin

“We exchange books with our friends. Why not have them in a central area, that everybody goes to and we can get some great books to read."

"This library - the best advantage is no late fees. You don't need to worry about that," says Bob Pate, who owns the variety store where the library is housed.

At the suggestion of the Sweaburg and District Lions Club, Pate agreed to turn part of his store into a book exchange area. It’s been a hit, particularly as it’s free.

Residents can go to the Woodstock Public Library, but unless you live in Woodstock, it will cost you to borrow books.

There are expansion plans in Sweaburg, too.

Pate says he’ll take the movies off some shelves in the movie room and replace them with more books.