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Deal reached between London police and union

London police

The London police union has endorsed a new contract.

The four-year deal gives officers and civilian workers a five per cent raise in the first year.

“On behalf of the London Police Services Board, we are pleased to support this important agreement at this consequential time for law enforcement and our city. This is the agreement needed today, for both our police service and our community, said Board Chair Ali Chahbar. “Our city, like countless other municipalities across the province, continues to observe and experience the challenges and real struggles associated with keeping police services properly staffed and resourced. While we appreciate and respect the difficult and dangerous

Highlights of the agreements include

  • 4-year contract (2023 – 2026)
  • Wage increases at: 5% (2023), 3.5% (2024), 2.5% (2025), 2% (2026)
  • The introduction of Front-line Officer and Specialty Unit incentives to promote front line and investigative supports
  • Improved benefits that support member wellness and mental health
  • Greater objectivity and accountability in the performance of duties

According to the uniont, about 85  per cent of sworn officers approved the contract and 92 per cent of civilian workers voted yes.

The current agreement expired Dec. 21, 2022. Top Stories


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