Closing arguments got underway Tuesday at the Baby Ryker trial in downtown London.

Defense lawyer Ken Marley, representing Ryker’s biological mother Amanda Dumont, asked Justice Renee Pomerance to discount the testimony given by the five family members of Dumont. 

He told the court, if they could go back, they probably would have acted differently before 20 month old Ryker Daponte-Michaud died, "There is a feeling of guilt they may experience. They may remember things more dramatically, or downplay things because of regret they may have."

Marley pointed to the family member's testimony surrounding the child's cries, "There was evidence this child was screaming and screeching all the time and it contradicts the evidence of Ms. Dumont." 

The court has heard Ryker died three days after being scalded with hot, instant coffee in May of 2014 at his home in Strathroy. 

Dumont, the biological mother, and her former partner, Scott Bakker, have both pleaded not guilty to criminal negligence causing death and failing to provide the necessaries of life.

During his closing Bakker's lawyer, Gord Cudmore, argued that his client had no obligation in this case.

Cudmore told the court Bakker is not the biological father and not even the legal guardian, "He had no rights over the children... just being there isn't enough." 

Cudmore argued that, after the infant was scalded, Bakker wouldn't know what to do, "You have an uneducated drug user versus a p.s.w. (personal support worker). He would obviously defer to her."

The crown is expected to give its closing address on Wednesday. 

After that the Justice Pomerance will reserve her decision to a later date.