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Clean up outside derelict building doesn’t quell concerns about trespassing and fire risk


Despite a recent clean-up around the former St. Pierre Renovation Centre, concern persists about trespassing and the risk of fire at the former industrial building.

In April, city hall cleaned-up construction debris and broken furniture piled outside the building at 595 Exeter Rd. after the owner did not satisfy the demands of a Municipal Property Standards Order.

The cost of the city-led clean up around the exterior of the building will be added to the owner’s property tax bill.

“A lot of the debris around the outside of the building has been cleaned up,” said Coun. Elizabeth Peloza. “So its a little bit more aesthetically pleasing, but the file remains active.”

The property is part of the estate of long-time owner Samuel John Shirley Sr., who died several years ago.

On Thursday, a person who arrived at the property told CTV News they were volunteering to assist Shirley's son address persistent trespassing and security issues.

Jim Morris lives in the area and believes more needs to be done, “Just going by there, you can see all of the flammable stuff inside, and its a big property, a big building.”

The main floor windows and doors along the east side of the building are covered in plywood, but on the west side, several windows, doors, and shipping bays remain wide open.

One of the open shipping bays reveals a large number of wooden pallets.

Given the building's industrial past, Peloza worries about the potential for a fire.

“I still have concerns,” she explained. “Fire and municipal services, including first responders, are aware of what's in the building should another fire happen at this location.”

According to Deputy Fire Chief Matt Hepditch, "The London Fire Department responds to concerns from the community on a regular basis. In this scenario, we are working with Municipal Compliance to resolve the issue." Top Stories

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