Mayoral candidate Matt Brown revealed his full platform on Wednesday morning, which promises big projects while controlling taxes.

"The table is set, it is time to execute. We have so many plans that are developed and endorsed and then sit on a shelf."

Among the key promises, accelerating the implementation of bus rapid transit, re-considering the performing arts centre plan and fixing the Springbank Dam.

At the same time, he is promising to keep tax increases at or below inflation - which would work out to about two per cent each year.

Brown says the way to get there is "We are going to look at multi-year budgeting, at zero-based budgeting, take large sections of the budget...tear them down and then build them back up."

The main pillars of Brown's platform include a strengthened environment for business and job creation, an attractive, liveable and affordable community and better government.

He is promising to make it easier and faster for businesses that want to open or expand in the city, to build on the city's strengths in medical innovation agri-food, technology and digital media and create better infrastructure like a fibre-optic high speed network.

As for the city itself, Brown supports the London Plan, wants a more balanced mix in home construction, closer ties to surrounding communities, an improved transportation system, more affordable housing options, an improved downtown and to fix the Springbank Dam.

Finally, when it comes to governance, Brown's plan emphasizes sensible budgeting and  zero tolerance for poor behaviour and bad ethics.

You can find Brown's full plan on his website: