The non-profit group Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump has released a new video in an effort to draw attention to its cause.

The three-minute YouTube video was released Friday night by the group, which is fighting plans by Ontario Power Generation (OPG) to build a deep geological repository to bury radioactive nuclear waste on the shores of the Great Lakes. 

Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley is a vocal opponent of the proposed dump.

He sent out a link to the video, stating, “This new video has been released to bring this issue  to the attention of Prime Minister (Justin) Trudeau and the Federal Minister of the Environment (Catherine McKenna) who will decide on this dump in the first six months of 2016.”

OPG says prehistoric rock on the Bruce Power site near Kincardine is the ideal location.

Over 200,000 cubic metres of the province's low- and intermediate-level nuclear waste should go there, according to the utility.

The Liberal government is expected to make a decision on the propsed dump site in the spring.