LONDON, ONTARIO -- Two Toronto police officers are facing charges after they allegedly attended a gathering at the Church Of God Restoration in Aylmer, Ont.

Aylmer Police Chief Zvonko Horvat has confirmed to CTV News London that the two officers were charged.

Meanwhile, a Toronto police spokesperson said the service is reviewing a facebook video that appears to show two of its officers having an argument with police in Aylmer, after they were charged for violating COVID-19 orders.

The video was shared on Facebook by independant MPP Randy Hillier.

"The news have reported on the incident but make no mention of the active duty officers taking part," wrote Hillier when sharing the video.

The video appears to show a group of people outside the Church of God arguing with Aylmer police officers.

"You know what officer, you're in a church parking lot, how do you sleep at night? Well?" asked one woman seen in the video.

The woman continues to speak to the officer saying she expects him to behave professionally.

"You two have identified yourselves as police officers here and you're breaking the law," said one of the Aylmer officers.

In reponse, the pair along with others not seen on camera appear to accuse the Aylmer officer of breaking the law himself.

Tuesday evening Aylmer police attended the Church Of God acting on a public complaint regarding a large gathering. 

Eighteen people were seen leaving the Church and according to police, none of the individuals were masked or practising social distancing.

Four people were charged under the Reopening Ontario Act.

Aylmer police had reported earlier this week that two of the individuals were from Toronto while the other two were from Aylmer.

Horvat confirmed to CTV News that Pastor Henry Hildebrant, who has been at the centre of many controversial gatherings, was not seen at Tuesday's gathering.

Horvat did say an individial with the same surname is among those facing fines.

When repeatedly asked for the comment the Church of God responded only in text with verses of Psalm 2 in the King James Bible.

The Church has been at the centre of several controversial gatherings during the pandemic and was featured in a recent W5 investigation.

With files and reporting from CTV's Sean Irvine.