LONDON, ONT. -- More than 1,000 resumes were submitted to the Middlesex-London Health Unit (MLHU) after officials put out a call to recruit more vaccinators and clinic managers to join teams at mass vaccination sites.  

By Saturday, MLHU Medical Officer of Health Dr. Chris Mackie says the health unit received more than1,000 submissions.

Those selected will help oversee clinics or give out vaccine doses after adequate training.

Mackie says the timing "could not be any better," after announcing that the Middlesex-London region will receive 70 per cent more vaccine doses later this week, compared to the last couple of weeks.

Mackie says the region can expect 25,000 more Pfizer doses per week, alongside an additional 17,000 Moderna vaccine doses.

"Starting next Monday, instead of vaccinating 4,000 people per day in our mass clinics, we will be able to vaccine 6,000 people per day and potentially more the following week.”

The additional vaccines mean second dose schedules can be accelerated, with details on timing expected in coming days.

Mackie says it's particularly important as the Delta variant, which originated in India and requires two doses for protection, becomes more prevalent.