London area school boards are reporting that several schools are closed due to ongoing power outages Monday morning.

For the Thames Valley District School Board the following schools are closed today:

  • Straffordville P.S.
  • Hickson Central P.S.
  • New Sarum P.S.
  • Pierre Elliot Trudeau F.I.
  • Adelaide-W.G. MacDonald P.S.
  • Laurie Hawkins P.S.
  • Thamesford P.S.
  • Wilberforce P.S.
  • Annandale School
  • Lord Dorchester S.S.
  • Northdale Central P.S.
  • River Heights P.S.
  • East Williams Memorial P.S.
  • North Middlesex District H.S.
  • Parkhill-West Williams P.S.
  • South Dorchester P.S.
  • AJ Baker P.S.
  • Eagle Heights P.S.

For the London District Catholic Board the following schools are closed:

  • Sacred Heart Parkhill
  • St. Patrick's Lucan
  • St. David Dorchester