LONDON ONT -- "There is no confusion here," Premier Doug Ford starts after a question as to what some officials have called confusing guidelines. "It’s very simple. Stay Home, stay home; that’s it. If you are questioning, should I go out? You got the answer, stay home. That’s simple. And it’s very simple, Stay home, Stay home. I don’t know what more I can describe."

As simple as Premier Doug Ford says it is, the actual stay at home order has many people questioning what they are allowed to do, especially when it comes to 'outdoor activities'. For teenagers like Fletcher Marino, finding ways to be active has become a challenge.

"It’s hard at the start, but you got to try to find some stuff to do, like at home. If you’re just doing pushups, or doing some shooting at home. But it sure is nice to get out here and go for a skate" says Marino who has skated four times this week on a neighborhood pond that had just frozen over. 

The skating rink at Victoria Park has been fenced and locked up, to prevent gathering like we saw before Christmas. This has led to people finding smaller ponds and neighbourhood rinks to skate on. But should they?

"The critical thing again is, doing only what is essential which can include basic physical activity, going for a walk all that type of stuff. However, do not come within 2 metres of anybody else, who’s not in your household, end of discussion." Says Associate Medical Officer of Health Alex Summers

Marino and his friends know this will probably be the last chance they get to go skating together.

"Well it’ll be tough but you just kind of have to try to make the most of it". 

The City of London announced the Storybook Gardens skating trail will be closed effective Thursday January 14.

And following further review of Provincial State of Emergency regulations and the Stay-at-Home Order, the City of London is pausing the Neighbourhood Ice Rink Program beginning Thursday, January 14.

Volunteer and neighbourhood groups who have submitted an application for a neighbourhood ice rink will receive direct notification about this change and will not be able to proceed with building their ice rink at this time.