LONDON, ONT. -- The OPP's Norfolk County Detachment responded to an animal complaint Wednesday.

The complaint came from a Simcoe, Ont. address in regard to a family pet left in a car.

The owner of the dog, who was running errands, left their dog in their vehicle. Once home, they realized the dog was not in the house, returned to the vehicle where they found their pet deceased in the back seat of the car.

The temperature high was 32.3C on Wednesday. A vehicle parked in the shade can reach up to 32C, but left in the sun it can reach up to 71C if it is 26C outside.

Although dogs and cats pant to cool themselves, the heat from the air and upholstery in a vehicle can reach temperatures too high for them to cool down.

The OPP remind the public to leave their pets at home or with a family member.

Charges are pending as the investigation continues.