LONDON, ONT -- With Halloween around the corner the question on many parent’s minds is whether there will be trick-or-treating or not, and the answer? It’s up to you.

During Thursday’s daily briefing both Mayor Ed Holder and Medical Officer Dr. Chris Mackie answered questions surrounding possibly cancelling Halloween.

“That’s something that would be very difficult to do, and to enforce,’ said Mackie.

He said that if parents should choose to trick-or-treat to do so in small groups and only within your bubble.

And for those who want to provide candy?

“Best practice is to have a way of keeping distance between yourself and the people who are knocking on your doors … I’ve seen some ingenious plans where people are going to have a two metre long tube and they’re going to roll the candy down the tube,” said Mackie.

He added that he expects to see a lot less trick-or-treating this year and that the real issue is large Halloween parties.

Mayor Ed Holder echoed his worry, saying that parties are the real concern and that people need to respect gathering limits.

“We’re going to be very clear about the need to keep your indoor parties to 10,” said Holder.

With Halloween still a month away Holder said they will wait and see what the circumstances are as we get closer to the event.