Sixty complaints were lodged following the notorious gathering of Mayor Joe Fontanta and six councillors who met at Billy T’s Restaurant last February.

The Ontario Ombudsman’s Office fielded those complaints and started an investigation that is still ongoing.

Now it appears the wait is still on as conflicting accounts of what happened that night were given during the Ombudsman’s first round of interviews with some members of council.

And London Mayor Joe Fontana says he is growing impatient with the process.

“I had heard that some members of council had in fact received a further communication from the ombudsperson that they wanted a second round of interviews,” he says.

While Fontana has said the six council members also at Billy T’s - Bud Polhill, Joe Swan, Stephen Orser, Dale Henderson, Paul Van Meerbergen and Sandy White - were there informally and no city business was discussed, that is at the heart of the investigation.

If city business was on the table, it would constitute an illegal meeting.

The Ombudsman’s Office says it is possible further interviews will be conducted but it won’t comment on the investigation.

Most of the investigations are dealt with in a week.

“I would hope we can put this behind us by getting the report done,” Fontana says.