LONDON, ONT. -- Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath is calling the government to take swift action in dealing with the huge backlog of surgeries at provincial hospitals including those in London.

During a stop in London, Horwath says enough is enough and that tens of thousands of people are waiting for surgeries and medical procedures delayed due to COVID. She says in February, 45 hundred people were on waiting lists in London.

“Doug Ford needs to invest the money necessary to clear the backlogs so that people know exactly when it is to get that call and know that their procedure or surgery is being booked,” says Horwath.

From the hospital Horwath visited the memorial site on Hyde Park Road where four members of the Afzaal family were killed just over two weeks ago saying, “It’s a very powerful sight as you know it is very moving to be here a place where almost an entire family lost their lives.”

Horwath is also calling on the province to do more when it comes to Islamophobia, adding, “ There is a rise in hate in our province and we need to do some pro-active work to reduce hate and to create a more harmonious province.”