Hanover is one step closer to getting one of Ontario’s first medical marijuana facilities.

Council says the proposed facility meets all their zoning requirements. It’s the first major hurdle passed for the potentially controversial marijuana production facility.

Two major hurdles remain; Health Canada’s approval of the proposed plant, then ensuring the facility meets all Hanover’s building code requirements.

A Waterloo-based company has proposed using a currently vacant building in Hanover for a medical marijuana production facility.

It’s unclear how many plants would be grown in the facility, but Hanover Mayor Kathi Maskell says the proposed facility wouldn’t employ any more than 10 people.

Beginning next April it will be illegal for medical marijuana users to grow their own medicine.

The federal government will require users to purchase their pot from Health Canada licenced growers and distributors.

It’s expected a Health Canada decision on Hanover’s proposed facility will be made by Christmas.