LONDON, ONT. -- London Transit reminds riders to stay home if they're feeling sick.

Although masks are not mandatory, the London Transit Commission (LTC) strongly encourages passengers to cover their face, especially when physical distancing isn't possible.

As nightly cleaning and disinfecting of their 'high-touch points' on their buses continues, riders of the LTC are advised not to ride public transit if they feel sick.

It is also encouraged to ride during 'off-peak times' from 9 a.m. until noon as well as after 6 p.m. if possible

Lost and found services are currently on hold, although items of value are stored as stated in their policy.

Routes are found online only as printed schedules have been removed from all locations.

By mid-July, buses are expected begin installing operator barriers, completing the process by October.

Exiting rear doors by hovering hands over strips or by using elbows to tap the handles is advised, with the exception of riders with accessibility needs who can continue to board from the front door.