CUPE 101 officials confirmed to CTV London late Sunday afternoon that last minute contract talks have resumed between the union and the city.

If the two side cannot come to terms on a new agreement, over 750 city of London inside workers will be on strike starting Monday morning.

This, after a deadline passed at midnight Saturday with no new contract hammered out at the London Convention Centre.

This will be the first inside worker's strike since 1979.

If a strike does occur, city managers are prepared to maintain services.

“We have been preparing a strike contingency plan for the last few weeks,” said Bill Coxhead, Managing Director of Parks and Recreation in a news release.

“Many managers will be redeployed from their normal duties to service areas that need them. There will be delays in some areas but we are committed to keeping things running as smoothly as possible,” the release said.

Inside workers provide a wide range of services including building and property inspections, by-law enforcement, tourism, traffic management, roads construction management, recreation programs registration, social services and more.