LONDON, ONT. -- As London police continue to investigate the circumstances around the killing of an Ingersoll, Ont. man, multiple reports say he was linked to a known mobster who was recently gunned down.

Grant Edward Norton, 59, was known to be a business associate of widely-recognized Hamilton mob boss Pat Musitano.

Norton was reported missing by his family on July 12, and seven days later his remains were discovered in a wooded lot near Jacqueline and Ada Streets in London’s Chelsea Green neighbourhood.

A post mortem examination was needed to confirm the remains were Norton, and to rule the death a homicide.

Musitano had been shot to death in broad daylight on July 10 in Burlington, Ont.

Peter Edwards has written extensively on organized crime in Ontario as an author and journalist with the Toronto Star.

“They were both involved in a gravel hauling company that had gotten into a lot of trouble and there was trouble with investors, with employees, with environmental people and so they, they had that sort of connection, “ said Edwards. “[Norton] wasn't a gangster but he was bumping up against one.”

The company, Havana Group Supplies, was under intense scrutiny for its business practices, especially in the Niagara region.

Edwards says Musitano ruled the Hamilton mob with an iron fist. “Pat was a very, very heavy-handed guy. A lot of people act tough when they're hanging around someone like that and then when that person is gone they're all of a sudden vulnerable.”

In March it was reported that Norton was wanted by officers in London, Waterloo Region and Niagara. He was facing charges of fraud, theft and uttering threats.

Niagara police confirm their Central Fraud Unit arrested Norton in June 2019.

Online, Norton describes himself as single, a Christian, a father and a grandfather.

“He was accused of violating environmental laws, accused of being connected to a company that had a lot of people working for it that weren't being paid,” Edwards added.

As they search for those responsible, London police’s Major Crimes Section is still collecting evidence.

Right now they are concentrating their efforts in this area behind 20 Adelaide St. S., which is not far from where Norton was found.

Don Taylor lives next door to the crime scene.

“I’m scared,” said Taylor. “This area is known for their drug trafficking, the thefts, the break and enters, the fires and at some point you know there's going to be some stabbings, murders, somethings going to happen.”

Police are not releasing Norton’s cause of death and at this point Edwards believes there will be more mob bloodshed.

“I don't think this is the end of it,” he said. “I think this is like chapter one, chapter two maybe.”