LONDON, ON -- The rapid arrival of cold weather, combined with open water, has accelerated the formation of frazil ice in the mouth of the Nine Mile River. That could mean flooding for low-lying residents in Port Albert.

The Maitland Valley Conservation Authority in years past..water in the river may back up behind the frazil ice, resulting in rapidly rising water levels in and around the Nine Mile River. 

They’ve issued a Flood Outlook for Port Albert, saying frazil ice jams haven’t started yet, but they could happen quickly. M.V.C.A officials say, if the river backs up, the severity and duration of the flooding could be worse than in year’s past because of the high level of Lake Huron. The high lake level has reduced the outflow of the river, which would inhibit the flow of flood waters to the lake. 

The Flood outlook is in place until Sunday morning.