A 19-year-old Oshawa man, one of dozens charged in the wake of the 2012 St. Patrick’s Day riot on Fleming Drive, will not spend time in jail.

Marco Brusco will instead spend nine months under house arrest, his bedroom at his parents’ home as his jail cell, and an additional six months under a strict curfew.

Ten months after the mob scene he told the court “I feel terrible for what I’ve done. It’s just completely wrong.”

Brusco pleaded guilty to eight charges after actions that allegedly included throwing rocks at police and kicking and flipping an SUV belonging to CTV News.

The Crown, and some Fleming Drive residents, had hoped the judge would impose jail time to send a message that these types of actions would not be tolerated.

But while Justice Wayne Rabley called the riot an “ugly stain” on London’s reputation, he took into account Brusco’s lack of a criminal record and efforts to make significant financial restitution since his arrest.

However, he made it very clear that Brusco will go to jail if he breaks any of his conditions.

Brusco will be wearing a tracking bracelet on his ankle and can only meet with his parents or sister during his house arrest, with his girlfriend not welcome to visit.

In his apology to the people of London and those present that night, Brusco said “No one should have to go to work, trying to help the community, and get bottled by a crowd of people.

“Also, to Fanshawe College, it is a great school, I am ashamed of my actions on St. Patrick’s Day. I realize how much stress I have caused.”