LONDON, ONT. -- Elgin County officials are joining other municipalities asking cottagers to stay home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This includes seasonal and secondary residences such as condominiums and trailer parks.

“We must work together during these times to maintain our community’s strength and resiliency,” said warden Dave Mennill in a news release.

“Normally we welcome seasonal friends. During this time we are encouraging cottagers, and seasonal property owners, to stay safe at home where supplies are much more easily accessible and medical treatment facilities are better equipped to handle higher volumes.”

Typically, smaller and more rural areas have less capacity to handle major issues such as an influx of COVID-19 patients.

If residents are already at their seasonal home, here are some guidelines from the Federation of Ontario Cottagers that should be followed:

  • Make sure you have obtained several weeks worth of provisions before leaving your community
  • Should you need anything urgent such as prescription medications, call ahead and see if there are options for a safe delivery or pick-up
  • Continue to maintain social distancing
  • Consider where your health needs can be best met in an emergency situation