A strike impacting more than 750 CN Rail employees Canada-wide is being felt in the London region.

About 20 signal and communications employees are picketing daily at various CN Railyards. On Tuesday, they held an information picket in front of a CN Rail office at Egerton Street and Brydges Street in London.

The workers, all members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), went on strike over the weekend.

London-based strike captain Tim Garvey said his members provide safety and maintenance checks throughout the region. But, managers are currently filling these roles. 

“It’s the signalling system which trains run on. So, a lot of safety-oriented stuff, which is overseen by Transport Canada,” he told CTV News.

According to a release from the national chairman of the IBEW, there are no new talks slated with CN — and the issue at hand is wages. 

Garvey contends his members faced risks throughout COVID-19, and he said other railways were recognized with wage bumps.

Growing inflation is also a concern.

“They’re saying three per cent this year, and we’re already at 6.8 in inflation. You can’t make ends meet doing that,” Garvey concluded.

In response to the strike, CN has said, “An operational contingency plan will be implemented to continue a normal level of continued safe operations as long as required.”

— With files from CTV News Northern Ontario