LONDON, ONT. -- A pair of Western University graduates have designed and launched a new company, that is making first-time bra shopping an easier experience for young women and their parents.

The idea behind Apricotton, created by recent business graduates, Jessica Miao and Chloe Beaudoin, was sparked after Maio took her younger sister Cindy bra shopping for the first time.

“I have a 12-year-old sister who is going through the exact same process, when I took her bra shopping for the first time she was so embarrassed and so uncomfortable, none of the bras really fit her.”

Miao says it took nine attempts with different department store bras before finding two that fit properly. Only eight months later, Cindy had grown out of them and did not want to go through the process again.

‘There are only really two options for tweens. You can get a one-size-fits all training bra that is a carbon model size, or you can go to a lingerie store where bras can be overly sexualized,” says Miao.

“This is very new to them, it’s not the same thing as wearing a shirt or a pair of pants. It is something you start wearing later in life, and for them as a new concept it makes them feel really uncomfortable,” said Beaudoin.

Apricotton bra

Apricotton bra

To give girls more options, confidence and one-less thing to worry about, Miao and Beaudoin decided to create their own company designed for girls.

They started by reaching out to friend’s sisters and their parents to ask them exactly what they would feel comfortable wearing or buying.

Teens and moms answered social media posts to give their opinions on design as well.

Through the feedback, the two women designed three different bras. All have stretchy elastics, removable padding and bra straps that are adjustable and can be hidden under multiple shirt designs.

“Say you are ten-years-old and you are a 30AA cup and later grow to a 30C… the bra has removable pads and stretchy elastic so it can grow with you,” said Beaudoin.

“Our slogan is, our bras that grow as she grows…the response has been really amazing,” said Miao.

The company officially launched in November 2020, and 90 per cent of inventory is sold out as of January 2021.

Through social media marketing, girls from other countries have also seen the product and asked if they too can purchase an item.

“America, Ireland, South Africa places like that.”

While Miao and Beaudoin are running a business, they say it’s a business they are passionate about. Through their social media presence and online blog, they offer resources and answer young girls questions about puberty.

“There are so many aspects of puberty and bra shopping is just one of them, if we can solve just one thing for these girls then that can completely change how they feel,’ said Beaudoin.