A Chatham woman and Western University student will have a stem cell transplant in the U.S., if she can find a match.

Jocelyn McGlynn was given permission by the province to receive the transplant in Buffalo because there were no beds here.

“They found a bed for her in Buffalo and now the rally is on. They need a match today,” says family friend Kim Street Abram.

McGlynn, 21, is battling acute myelomonocytic leukemia, now in remission.

The Roswell Cancer Centre in Buffalo has access to an international stem cell registry, which includes those who have registered in Canada, the U.S. and Europe, and are looking for a suitable match.

The family has done its part by holding blood donor events in Windsor last week, and there will be three upcoming at Western.

“We've been promoting stem cell swabbing clinics. Broadening the library for donors is the goal,” says McGlynn.

“I have my friends, family, the community of Chatham-Kent. London, Windsor really support me, which has helped me every day.”

Her movement has caught on with universities across the province, joining in with stem cell swabbing clinics.

“I just think that this has opened my eyes to how kind people are,” she says.